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[REBROADCAST] Pesachim No.8: Seder Up!

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Episode notes

Last year around this time we were finishing up Tractate Pesachim — take another dip into our Peseach archive with this episode compilation featuring ideas from Kadesh to Nirtzah

We thank our guests,  Dr. Susan Weingarten, Dr. Jon Greenberg, Rabbi Dr. Vanessa Ochs, Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Zuckier, Dr. Rachel Scheinerman, Dr. Marc Michael Epstein, and Dr. Sara Ronis for lending us their voices, ideas, and insights to enhance each step of our, and now your, seder. In addition to this audio experience, be sure to check out the accompanying source sheet on Sefaria for some additional thoughts and reflections.  

Special thanks to our executive producer, Adina Karp

View a source sheet for this episode here.

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