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'We Didn't Start the Fire': Addressing Climate Chaos

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Episode notes

On today’s episode, the generational divide over climate action.

While most of the world agrees with the scientific fact that humans are dangerously altering the earth’s climate, we can’t agree what to do about it. Global powers and corporate giants quarrel over who should do what, while generations argue about the need for urgency. In a global crisis where the blame and the damage are unequally distributed, how do we create the consensus needed to act before it’s too late?

At Ireland's Edge, in front of a live audience, Chris was joined by three fascinating guests who see climate change from different perspectives:

Alex White is a Senior Counsel and is Director of the Institute for International & European Affairs. He was previously a TD and Senator, as well as a government minister in multiple departments.

Martha Farrell is a founding member of the Maharees Conservation Association here in West Kerry, an award-winning volunteer community organisation set up to protect a vital tombolo on the Dingle peninsula. She is also a lecturer at Munster Technological University.

And Caitlin Faye Maniti is a student at Maynooth University who was previously President of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Association. She contributes to Ireland’s National Youth Assembly, and was a co-author of a recent Unicef Ireland report on the impact of Climate Change on children.

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