The Jeremy White Podcast / Episode #36 Hoobastank

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Episode notes

The #JeremyWhitePodcast and Mitch Lafon present Hoobastank! 

Recorded in March 2021. 

Hoobastank was inspired to join the viral video app and have some fun when #NotAPerfectPerson started trending. The hashtag currently has over 512 Million views with most of the videos using their song and was used in over 73,000 videos. When the band launched their account, they were receiving more than 150 likes per minute, and their first video posted to their profile hit 2 million views in just 48 hours. Should also mention they've racked up 600,000 likes on their vids and 81,000 new followers. Beyond the #TikTok love, Hoobastank's listeners increased by 1757% over the past 30 days.  Hoobastank is celebrating 20 years since the release of their self titled debut in 2021... the resurgence of 'The Reason' listeners and plans for the 20th anniversary celebration.


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