Jimmy's Jobs of the Future / Sophie Adelman- Co founder, The Garden and Multiverse

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Episode notes

Today’s guest is Sophie Adelman, who is a member of that exclusive club: a serial entrepreneur.

Her first business, Multiverse, created alternative routes into the world of work via apprenticeships and raised over $130 million, transforming the world of education-technology during the process.

Her new venture, The Garden, brings the experts & academics out of the institutions, enabling you to learn from true experts who have dedicated their lives to studying a subject. Through interactive live talks, their aim is to create a community of inquisitive minds in a world of misinformation and alternative facts. 

In this episode we discuss with Sophie:

  • Where the name of The Garden comes from and what it does
  • How to build a team from scratch and how to hire great people
  • Fundraising with the benefit of doing it a second time
  • Why she’s doing it all again in creating another startup
  • What makes a good co-founder and the crucial aspect of shared values.
  • Highlights of The Garden so far
  • What are her key takeaways for first-time founders
  • Creating peer networks instead of mentors
  • Her time at multiverse and what it does
  • Her reflections on early hires and learnings for other entrepreneurs 
  • Taking the MBA route at Stanford and what we can learn from Valley culture
  • Taking creative arts more seriously
  • The importance of asking ‘Why’
  • The talks you can access on The Garden
  • If she was 22 in 2022, where Sophie would start her career
  • Pass the mic- who would be an entrepreneur Sophie wants to shine a light on?

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