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Tyler Cowen: The future of talent in the 21st Century?

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Unlocking Talent & Success: An Exclusive Interview with Tyler Cowen | Jimmy's Jobs of the Future

In this episode of Jimmy's Jobs of the Future, Jimmy interviews Tyler Cowen, one of the world's most influential economists, known for his expertise in talent.

They discuss Cowen's insights on finding and nurturing talent, the changing job landscape, and the future of AI.

Cowen shares his personal experiences, from his early days as a chess teacher to his thoughts on modern-day interviewing techniques.

The episode also delves into the impact of geography on startup success, the significance of prudence in research, and the enduring importance of stamina and resilience for career growth.

00:00 Introduction to Tyler Cowen and His Influence

01:40 Job Opportunities at Jimmy's Jobs

02:20 Tyler Cowen's Early Career and Lessons from Chess

05:10 Evaluating Talent and Job Interviews

09:04 Building a Social Profile and Networking

14:04 The Importance of Stamina and Daily Routines

16:19 Changing Status of Jobs and Future Predictions

19:07 Climbing Social Hierarchies and Talent Indicators

29:15 The Role of Parents in Modern Success

30:22 Impact of Parental Loss on Ambition

31:05 Balancing Scale and Quality in Ventures

32:02 Geographical Expansion and Talent

34:01 The UK's Unique Position and Challenges

38:14 Brexit and Immigration

44:33 Global Talent and Emerging Markets

46:32 AI's Impact on Future Talent

52:21 Personal Reflections and Influences

55:38 Concluding Thoughts and Recommendations


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Host / Exec Producer: Jimmy McLoughlin OBE

Producer: Sunny Winter

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