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The One with the Death of the Avengers

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Episode notes

Welcome to the Joking Dolphin Gaming Podcast, Join Mat, Mark, and Nathan as we talk about the hottest gaming news and what we’ve been playing over the last 2 weeks.


  • We give our thoughts on the Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct 2023

  • Support is being removed from Marvel’s Avengers, what that means for players going forward?

  • Riot Games has been hacked, how could this affect players of League of Legends and Valorant?

  • Rocksteady’s leaked Gamepass for its upcoming suicide squad game

  • The DualSense Edges battery power

  • How to activate Bluetooth mode on your Stadia controller

  • We go over the most downloaded PlayStation games of 2022

  • Rainbow Six Siege is getting a movie adaptation

  • A fish commits credit card fraud while playing Pokémon

Yeah, you read that last once correctly…


Currently Playing:


Mark: Cyberpunk 2077

Mat: Horizon: Forbidden West , Two Point Hospital, House of the Dead Remake, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Death Stranding

Nathan: Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Pokémon Scarlett


Check out this link to see how to set your Stadia controller to Bluetooth made:

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