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136: Nicole Lampert: I confronted Gary Lineker in public about his Palestinian tweets

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If I'd been asked which journalist might one day confront Gary Lineker face-to-face about his views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, I might well have said, "it's going to be Nicole Lampert!", such is her journalistic courage.

And so it was, as Nicole and a small handful of other journalists were invited to a Broadcasting Press Guild Lunch to hear from Lineker about his burgeoning podcast business.

The Press all introduced themselves and Lineker admitted to feeling scared. He was right!

He'd retweeted a BDS demand to ban Israel from international football. He took it down later amid a brou-ha-ha.

Nicole asked him why he'd broken the BBC's social media rules. The usually polite and deferential event suddenly took a turn. There was clapping at the end of Gary's presentation, but Nicole didn't join in the applause, so Gary went to look for her.

We take up the story in this fascinating episode

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