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131: đŸ“º “Another How To Make Peace In The Middle East" TalkTV Special

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Episode notes

This is “Another How to Make Peace in the Middle East", building on the success of the first Talk TV Special, with more highly informed guests from the worlds of politics, the military, frontline medicine, journalism, diplomacy and think tanks.

In this episode, British-born Israeli hand and trauma surgeon, Dr Elliot Sorene explains how he's operated on Hamas fighters, who after successful surgery have "promised to see him on the battlefield". He also tells us how his son survived the Nova Festival massacre and saved other’s lives too.

Hen Mazzig is a former IDF humanitarian soldier, who insists his experiences in Judea and Samaria give him belief in a path to peace from the younger generation of Palestinians.

Jonathan Sacerdoti reveals yet more evidence of human shields and Gazan tunnels. Barak Seener has troubling statistics on just how radicalised the Palestinian population is and the extent to which hearts and minds must be changed after the war with Hamas is won.

And Benjamin Anthony believes the war against Hamas is long overdue and needs to be prosecuted to the very end, but with the equal commitment of rescuing the Israeli hostages who remain incarcerated in Gazan hell. The response to the first show was instant thanks to social media and included an incredible response on YouTube, where my interview with

Dr Einat Wilf has attracted approaching 400,000 views. This is ANOTHER How to Make Peace in the Middle East. With thanks to everyone at TalkTV, who give me this vital and valuable platform to discuss hopes for a better day.

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