Jo's Art History Podcast / 27. Is Drawing Important With Brian Kielt

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It is good to be back with a fresh new episode after a week off!

It’s Episode 27 and today, I sat down with artist, Brian Kielt, to discuss how different artists tackle the practise and concept of drawing. When Brian suggested talking about this, I had never really given much thought to the history and importance of drawing within art; but as you will see from our chat, where we take a deep dive into the works of FIVE artists, no two of approach drawing in the same way nor hold it in the same importance within their practise.

From the sketchbooks of Leonardo  Di Vinci and the loose markings of Maggi Hambling, to the final work of Francis Bacon and erased masterpieces, Brian and I ask the questions:

Is drawing important?

When did collecting drawings become the norm in the art world?


If an artist draws on a napkin - is it a work of art because it’s by the hand of an artist - or is it just a doodle?

This was an excellent chat which really got me thinking about just how varied EVERYONE'S approach to drawing is. And that really - there is no right and wrong way of drawing - it's something that comes down to personal taste and practise.

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