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Café Jazz Confessions: Reddit Stories of Am I The Asshole part 1

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Episode notes

🎙️✨Join me in this soul-soothing episode of Café Jazz Confessions as I immerse myself in the thought-provoking tales of "Am I The Asshole" from Reddit, all while grooving to the enchanting melodies of café jazz on Spotify.

Take a seat at our virtual table as I navigate through these captivating narratives, delving into the complexities of human behavior and moral dilemmas. Embrace the raw and unfiltered atmosphere as I weave through these compelling stories, allowing the smooth jazz to complement the emotional journey.

Tune in for an episode that blends the captivating allure of storytelling with the irresistible charm of café jazz, creating an experience that's both thought-provoking and musically delightful. 🎙️✨

XOXO Kenzie.



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