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Spotify Shenanigans: My Unfiltered New Year

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Episode notes

Join me for a raw and unedited journey on 'Late Night Odds' as I take the wheel in our ADHD Drive episode. 🚗 Buckle up for an unfiltered ride through my New Year and the whirlwind of the past 20 days.

With Spotify as my co-pilot, expect unscripted moments and spontaneous detours as I navigate through interruptions from the backseat ads. In this unapologetically authentic episode, I will share unfiltered insights, candid reflections, and unscripted musings, making for a wild and unpredictable ride.

Tune in for a no-holds-barred experience that captures the essence of 'Late Night Odds' in its purest form. 🎙️✨

XOXO Kenzie.



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