Left Field / Carabao Cup Final, Spotify Guy, PSG's Babyface Turn, Cool Ruthings & NFL Draft Hugs

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If anger against the proposed European Super League united fans last week, by the end of the weekend, it was VAR that was back earning the wrath of the average punter. A sending off for kicking the ball, a penalty disallowed for an offside that happened before kick-off, imprecise lines drawn by invisible men near Heathrow, should we just bin it off once and for all? 

At Wembley, 8,000 fans watched Manchester City maul Sp*rs 1-0 to secure a fourth consecutive League Cup triumph. Would Jose Mourinho's presence have made a difference? We'll never know. What is indisputable is that Daniel Levy's wait for a trophy continues. 

In a packed part one, we also look ahead to the semi-finals of the Champions League and Europa League, discuss the Premier League's upcoming social media boycott, assess the fallout from the failed Super League and question the point of the new Hall of Fame. 

After the break, we discuss the Olympic sport we'd most like to train for, talk hugging etiquette ahead of the NFL draft and wonder whether UFC fighters should wear shinpads to stop their legs from shattering on impact. 

Enjoy the show!

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