Interview With Tristan Taylor of Detroit Will Breathe

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Episode notes

Tristan Taylor is our guest today.

He has lead multiple activist campaign's in the Detroit area since he was in his late teens. His first taste of activism was over affirmative action, and his most notable is one that is still going today!

Detroit Will Breath is an activist group that got it start in the wake of the murder of George Floyd as much of the country took to the streets in an effort to stop police brutality on Black Lives. 

Tristan is a self proclaimed leftist that has made it his mission to end police bullying of not only Black Lives, but of everyone. We have some disagreements in this episode as to the best way to accomplish that goal. But the important part is that we are discussing it in good-faith. As we point out how the different life experiences we all have can mold our opinions and how we see the world.  That is what this conversation is about. Not to debate. Not to "prove" one another wrong. But to see the world through a different lens. 

We all agree that there is something very wrong with policing in America. That's the basis where the conversation should begin. Instead of with the blame game that allows us to wash our hands of a situation because it's "their" fault, not mine.