Only A Few Days Left For Democracy! Whatever Shall We Do!?

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Episode notes

You've heard about the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul, we assume. As you might guess, there was no time wasted for Democrats and Republicans to use it as a political weapon. And questioning the story (even the weird parts) is a BIG NO NO!! 

This may be our final show, as we may no longer be able to get online, breathe, or take a shit after Tuesday, November 8th. But we'll take some time to break down a few of the key midterm races that will be responsible for our demise. 

Racism and Gerrymandering are being investigated in the LA city counsel where Latino members were recorded using racial language about African Americans and southern Mexicans. All of this was over how to draw their district lines. The racism seems to be winning out over what appears to be unfair Gerrymandering.