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I am so thrilled to be joined this week by Dr Ranj Singh. I was there at the very start of Ranj’s career and I couldn’t be more proud of everything he’s achieved. Not only is he the most gorgeous NHS Doctor, he’s also a BAFTA-winning TV presenter, best-selling author, columnist and charity ambassador. He has just released his latest book, How To Grow Up and Feel Amazing! The No-Worries Guide for Boys, which really is needed now more than ever.

In this episode, we talk about the ups and downs of the past year and what it was like to be a frontline worker during the pandemic. Dr Ranj explains the mental toll it’s had on young people and how the concept of returning to normal is provoking anxiety in many of us. We also highlight some of the positives of this pandemic, like how it revived his sense of duty and made us incredibly grateful for what we have.

My mood instantly lifted after speaking with Dr Ranj and I hope this conversation makes your day that little bit brighter too.


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