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The Peaceful Pipeline - Effective Marketing for Introverts - with Kat Corbett

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Episode notes

There’s nothing like having your entire world turned upside down to discover holes in your business. And this year that’s exactly what happened to Kat Corbett

Kat’s been a freelancer, a consultant, and an agency owner.

When she started her copywriting agency 3 years ago, she needed a consistent flow of clients to be viable. So she learnt how to make this happen - even with a small audience and an introverted personality. Her primary platform is Linkedin and she’s used it effectively to grow her audience and client base. 

One of the biggest lessons in this process was realising that when she was so close to what she did, the 'curse of knowledge' prevailed. She couldn't have an objective view of the true value she offered to the marketplace.

This close proximity could create a lot of frustration when it came to marketing her business. She didn't have clarity on how to articulate the transformation she created, and that impacted her confidence. So she didn't put herself out into the marketplace.

When unexpected change appeared overnight, Kat had to step back and look at her business, what she wanted as a business owner and what her core benefit really was to her ideal client (and- who her ideal client actually was!)

As a messaging strategist, she now works with her clients to help them identify and express the value they create for their ideal clients.

Her Peaceful Pipeline process takes clients through a framework that builds confidence and transforms how they show up in their marketing - in a way that aligns with them.

In this episode we cover:

  • What led Kat to make a change in her business
  • How she gets her leads from Linkedin
  • Why her model is called The Peaceful Pipeline
  • What Kat sees is missing in many consultants and coach’s marketing
  • Why it’s so important to work on the “hard stuff” 
  • How to message people without sounding salesy. 

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