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Staying Visible in Your Business Over the Age of 50 - with Janet Stott

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Episode notes

When Janet Stott started Homegrown Primal she had no intention of being the face of the business. In fact she and her husband weren’t totally sure the business was going to work. At the very least they would have made a bunch of supplements for themselves!

That was back in 2019 and the business is in a very different place today. They now ship across New Zealand and Australia, and are buying ingredients by the tonne. They also now have a team to help support her marketing work, helping her stay as the ‘captain” and allowing her to ensure the messaging stays true to their ethos, without getting stuck in the admin side of marketing

Showing her face was not something she expected to do, especially working in an industry that mainly uses young muscled bodies to market their products. But Janet’s authentic and real way of communicating, her complete passion for not only the products they sell but the carnivore lifestyle that she’s chosen alongside it has helped her build an engaged and thriving community of customers and fans

In this episode Janet shares her beliefs about the importance of women over the age of fifty to show up with confidence, why we all have a “note that’s meant to add to the world’s symphony” and how to celebrate ‘the crone”

If you’re hiding your face, worried you won’t find your audience if you show up, this is a powerful and encouraging episode. I’d love you to join us. 

In this episode we cover:

  • What led Janet and her husband Marty to start Homegrown Primal
  • How they’ve grown from a small online business to one selling into three countries
  • How Janet used to see marketing compared to how she does now
  • How Janet structures her marketing to fit the way her brain works
  • Why Janet considers it imperative to continue to “show your face” as an older woman
  • How she allows her community to deal with trolls. 
  • How we’ve all got a reason to show up

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