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Running a Business with Young Children - The Juggle Is REAL - with Alana Swain

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Episode notes

When Alana rocked up to our group coaching day with her young daughter in tow she instantly reminded me of.. Me. Those days of taking my baby with me places is long past and I’m now looking at a completely empty nest next year, in part because I’m flinging my youngest out a little bit before we’re both ready

Alana is a corporate escapee and the cofounder of Your Success Team, a collective of business experts who have created a business coaching model that places multiple brains on your business, giving a giant hell no to "my way or the highway" advice and dated formulas. 

And she’s doing it all with three children under the age of five. The week I’m recording this, work was put on hold when gastro swept through her house. The juggle is one her clients know all too well too.

Alana’s developed some excellent tools to deal with overwhelm, learned from hard experience. In this podcast we talk through the juggle, the need to be kind to ourselves and have more reasonable expectations of what is actually possible and why it’s ok to take time out and carve your business around your life, and not the other way round. 

As she says “Because, at the end of the day, business owners want to make money from their talents while living life on their (very unique) terms. Which is why when you bring your talents, experience, and grit to the table, and they bring theirs, you'll be amazed at what they'll create together.


In this episode we cover:

  • Why Alana and her co founder work with start ups and small business owners
  • What she sees as common struggles around mindset and time management
  • How Alana plans out her time to make sure she’s building a business that has room around her children
  • What she can struggle with, and what she loves about life as a business owner with young children

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