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The 15 Reasons Your Content Marketing's Not Getting Results

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Episode notes

When someone says that social media marketing is a waste of time, email is a waste of time, any part of marketing is a waste of time my response (at the very least in my head!) is “No, you just didn’t take the time to fix the problems to make it successful”


There are two really big reasons when content marketing can fail so miserably. The first one is you haven’t taken time to develop a plan AND stick to it, and the second is you haven’t taking time to learn how to present it in the way that best fits that platform,


I see people say “email is a waste of time” but they only email once a quarter. I agree. Doing it only once every three months IS a waste of time,


I see people say “Instagram doesn’t work” but they aren’t using reels, stories and only do promotional type posts. It’s not Instagram. It’s the business owner.


Learning to change what we do, in order to get results is a key part of marketing. There are 15 areas I tend to look at with my clients, and these areas help us work out what we can fix.


Let’s be clear. Content marketing is an extremely effective method of building out a long term, resilient sales funnel for your business. But - you need to understand how to make the bits that aren’t working work.


In this episode we walk through 15 key areas you can look at. As you work through them, make a list of actions you can take to improve your content marketing strategy. Let’s dig deep, find the problems, fix them and then… get the results you’ve been looking for.  


In this episode we cover:

  • What the 15 key areas of blocks and issues often are.
  • How to address each
  • Why you need to look at all of them in isolation as well as looking at the big picture
  • Where to start first
  • Why we always need the end in mind
  • What we need to do to get more results 
  • What to do if everything you try just stil doesn’t work




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