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How Service-Based Businesses Can Target the Nine Types of Buyers

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Episode notes

I’ve only ever talked about buyer profiles before in a retail environment but we’re all talking to people and selling to them (even if we are selling to a business we are still selling to a person IN the business)

So the nine buyer profiles are still worth looking at.

There are some buyers who come in hot. Is this a good thing or a warning sign? How can you tell the difference?

What can you do to warm up someone and are any of them timewasters or are they just misunderstood?

I’m covering what each one is, what they need and also letting you know which ones I personally find the most challenging in this episode of MAP IT Marketing

In this episode we cover:

  • What the nine types of buyer personas are
  • Why it matters to understand these
  • Whether you need to focus on them all
  • Which ones to really watch for as a small business owners
  • How to treat them differentiating in marketing
  • What they all need in the sales process. 

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