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What Is a Thought Leader? And Should You Be One? - With Verity Craft

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Episode notes

Are you a thought leader? Do you think you should be? Do you have to be a thought leader in business these days? If you want to be one, is it as simple as just calling yourself one? What’s the difference between calling your self one, and being one? I had so many questions!

Verity Craft is a speaker, coach, writer and self-described thought leadership nerd (with her love of thought leadership possibly matched only by her obsession with musical theatre). Together with Christina Wedgwood, she's built Intelligent Ink into the go-to for thought leadership here in Aotearoa New Zealand (they like to say they were doing thought leadership before it was cool – who would have thought at school that they'd be trendsetters?)

 They've worked with hundreds of big thinking, purpose-driven experts to maximize their impact, build their reputations, and grow their businesses as thought leaders and authors.

Verity joins me on MAP IT Marketing this week to explain why it’s ok to not love the term and STILL act like one, how to use different thinking skills to stand out from everyone else and why sharing your thoughts might not be the ticket to getting new clients. (It’s not all you need.)

This podcast is FILLED with great nuggets and information - quite frankly I didn’t want the interview to end!

In this episode we cover:

  • Why you can have an issue with the name “thought leader” and still be one
  • What makes a thought leader
  • What isn’t enough to do as a thought leader
  • How you can build a brand as one
  • Whether thought leadership is just for those wanting to build a large audience
  • Why thought leadership content is different from marketing content. 

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