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Why I'm Doubling Down on Content Marketing in the Age of AI

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Episode notes

One of the best parts of being a content marketing veteran (aka, in my 50’s and having been involved in content marketing in one way or the other for over twenty years) is seeing patterns show up in how technology impacts our content and our marketing.

The ebb and flow of “too much info” has been one that we’ve struggled with as humans since the internet became an integral part of our lives. 20 years ago I was writing keyword stuffed four-hundred word blogs for companies that had no consideration for the reader and were all about getting google to notice us. 

It worked for a bit. But then our human need for good content that actually informed us took over and the algorithms adjusted for us. 

AI is creating a flood. People who've been paralysed in content creation or even content creators who just want to pour out as much as possible now have technology to help it. There’s AI everywhere.

And yes. I’m using it.

But I’m also excited about the opportunities other business owners are creating for  me - because the more others create AI generic work, the more my “thinks” - what I call my own ideas, will stand out and be noticed.

They’ll have a different cadence, they’ll feel very human (and possibly even a bit flawed) and my people will find them


In this episode we go over why content marketing is even more of an opportunity for your small business than ever before, why you need to be creating “Confident content” and what I’m doing to help you do just that

In this episode we cover:

  • Why AI is a gift for us (and not for reasons you think)
  • What’s going to happen when we reach peak flood and why we need to ride the wave
  • How to connect better with your content 
  • What I’m doing to stand out in a sea of “sameness”
  • Why being brave, and being confident about your own voice matters now, more than ever. 

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