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Using Empathy to Build Out Your Messaging for Your Marketing

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Episode notes

We spend a lot of time looking at our ideal clients and what they “look like” but what if we spent more time looking at what they are experiencing, what they are being influenced by, and what they are needing from us more.


Using empathy in our marketing strategy can help us identify the core needs of our ideal clients, so we can talk to them better. We can show we have grace for the sticking points that are making life harder, be aware of the blocks they might have in the way of assessing success, and use their own words, and voiced thoughts in our marketing messages 


In this episode of MAP IT Marketing we cover the seven steps to using empathy in our strategic thinking, and how it can then be applied to our marketing and to our sales.


If you know you want to connect with your customers in a deeper and more authentic way, then THIS is for you. 


In this episode we cover:

  • Why using empathy in our marketing strategy can help develop our messaging
  • How to get inside our client’s heads 
  • What we can look at
  • The steps to developing an empathy based strategy
  • How I’d apply this to my own business




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