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Gill and Pete are husband and wife, and have both spent their careers working within technology sales for a big well-known corporate. They are now applying the skills they've learned to help businesses closer to home, working with the agricultural sector to tackle issues of farm security, lone working and crop monitoring using technological solutions.

They don't come from an agricultural background, but living in Shropshire, they see the challenges around them that the agriculture industry are facing every day - and they genuinely want to improve both the processes of the agricultural industry to produce better results, but also the quality of life for people working on farms - but also the rural economy as a whole.

They both left their corporate jobs for the same company at the same time, after 20 years of service - like so many, lockdown made them rethink what they wanted from their lives. They talk about the differences in lifestyle and the sometimes less talked about benefits of taking the leap and working for yourself - like actually being able to take a holiday in December!

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