Messages from the Wild

The Short Snouted Seahorse

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Episode notes

This interview comes from a collection called Voices from the Ocean.

It is such an important series as we really know so little about the ocean. It comes to us with thanks to Gallifrey Foundation and Mission Blue, finding experts from all over the world to give us their time and energy so that we can be entertained whilst being educated.

With knowing, comes caring, and with caring there’s hope, that we can find an enduring place for ourselves within the natural systems that support us. But first, we have to know.” Dr Sylvia Earle

And with many thanks to Marine Biologist, Lucy Woodall of Nekton 

How to respect and protect seahorses

Seahorses help protect seagrasses, seaweeds and coral reefs. They are important predators for bottom-dwelling organisms. But, they are often caught just to be sold as souvenir pets. Don’t buy seahorses. Don’t pollute the ocean with plastics and chemicals. Demand protection for seahorse habitats.

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Illustrations by Annabazyl

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