Montana Voice

By Steve Saroff
Fiction that leans against the truth, told from a Montana vantage. Season 3 is a reading of 'The Aether and Lie.' Enzi, a runaway and laborer who becomes an entrepreneur and a criminal, tells the story of Kaori, an artist from Tokyo who stalks and kills her ‘one love,’ and then confesses through her art. It is also Enzi’s story, tracing his drifting past and comparing his own failed ‘one love’ to his doomed relationship with the artist from Tokyo. It is a story of murders, money buried in the mountains of Montana, a wise bail-bondsman who lives in the back of his truck, revenge, and a thin detective who studied to be an architect but now only draws lines between incorrect assumptions. However, it is not just crime, as the story is infused with nature and solitude, and unwraps the motivations for doing bad things. Earlier seasons are readings of short fiction and love stories, published originally in Redbook and other national magazines.

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