The Moon Under Water / Jodie Kidd - The Half Moon Under Water

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Episode notes

It's been quite the week! Not only did beer gardens make a triumphant return into many of our lives, but The Moon Under Water opened its doors for the first time. It's a place where guests are invited to create their dream pub (so long as their choices fit the rigorous criteria set by Landlord John Robins). The next guest who will be swimming in pub desire is starting to approach the bar, and as they become ever clearer we can see that it's none other than Jodie Kidd! Jodie is the owner of her own pub The Half Moon in Kidford, so she's already had some experience with creating her dream watering hole. But brewery ties don't exist and logistical planning isn't needed when creating your ideal pub in the further realm, so her choices might just be a bit special.  Want to contact the pub landlord? Email [email protected]  

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