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Eisha Armstrong: Pragmatic Strategies for Managing Change

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Episode notes

Zooming in on three common change management issues: forecasting, role transitions, and departmental power dynamics.

Topics discussed

(00:03:01) Companies transforming into product organizations

(00:05:01) Revenue shift: smaller now, longer-term impact

(00:08:30) Practical topics: forecasting, transition, change management

(00:10:04) Identifying leading measures and assumptions in forecasts

(00:14:25) Seeking tech-enabled scale, revenue visibility, innovation

(00:20:29) Power shifts in organizations impact staffing and funding

(00:22:12) Evolving organizational model for product-centric strategy

(00:27:23) Key considerations for acquiring a company: purpose, integration, impact

(00:31:18) Leaders modeling simple mental health practices shift organizations. Organizational change requires supporting structures and models

(00:35:38) Quieting the mind to connect and trust

(00:37:33) Organizations need specific change management for success

(00:40:40) "Name fears, tame them; face personal insecurities."

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* Guest: Eisha Tierney Armstrong - LinkedIn

* Book: Fearless: How to Transform a Services Culture and Successfully Productize

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* Fearless: How to Transform a Services Culture and Successfully Productize (Eisha’s book)

* "Leading Change" by John Kotter

* “Managing Transitions: Making the Most of the Change” by William Bridges

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