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Episode notes

Bio 1.0: In this series, I basically have conversations with my friends about the journey so far, we are connecting the dots in hindsight. I get to also connect with them on a deeper level. Listen in and enjoy.

I have known Atti for a few years, my first introduction to him was to help out in building an edu-tech startup for him (Tertfinder). We jumped on a few calls and I and a dev started some work on the product, a few weeks down the line we are having a conversation and he casually mentions that he is in the airforce. I honestly found it had to believe it completely until I had drinks with him and a few of his air force friends at the base. 

He is a retired major now, and is giving his full and undivided attention to the world of tech—oh I should mention that he is also a front end developer, lol. 

Well, listen in and hear about his journey so far.