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The Magic of Music Tech with Dr Kate Stone, Founder of Novalia

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Episode notes

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! This week, Dr Kate Stone, the Mary Poppins of music tech and founder and CEO of Novalia, joins Dmitri Vietze to explore how Novalia is revolutionizing the way we interact with music and technology. Discover how Novalia is pushing the boundaries of creativity, through partnerships with Pizza Hut and Disney, designing DJ decks out of pizza boxes and magical amulets. Learn how Novalia’s programming technology allows paper museum guides to talk about an exhibit in 5 languages and bring murals to life. Imagine a future where technology sinks into the background of our everyday experiences. Find out how Novalia is using AR and VR to enhance musical experiences with physical objects, like concert posters. How can companies use interactive musical experiences to develop brand engagement and connect with their audience? Find out in this week’s episode. 

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