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Harnessing the 'People Factor': Inspiring Leadership and Cultivating Workplace Culture with Rosina Murdoch

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Episode notes

Ever wondered what makes a leader truly inspiring? Tune into our enlightening conversation with Rosina Murdoch, a distinguished director at Deloitte, and recent recipient of the Large Organisation of the Year Award at the 2023 Northern Power Women Awards. We delve into the essence of effective leadership, focusing on the principle of the 'People Factor'. 

Rosina passionately talks about the importance of human connections, vulnerability, and empathy in the workplace. She candidly shares how prioritising family time has organically cultivated a greater sense of appreciation and understanding within her team.

Listen to learn:
🎙 How to transform toxic work cultures
🎙 The importance of human connections and empathy
🎙 Deloittes distinctive culture
🎙 The importance of human connections, vulnerability and empathy 

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