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Turning Rejection into Aviation Inspiration with Gemma Sparks

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Episode notes

Meet Gemma Sparks, the digital marketing executive who overcame obstacles and adversity to end up inspiring others in the realms of aviation. Drawn to the industry for its diversity and representation, Gemma's journey is one of resilience, hard work, and the impactful role of strong role models.

Join us as Gemma transports us through her experience with the Fantasy Wings program, a pioneering initiative designed to introduce aviation to black and ethnic minority individuals and women. Recounting her transition from being labelled 'too quiet' to co-hosting a climate change conference, Gemma exemplifies true tenacity and determination. Her future plans? To inspire the future generation of leaders through a blog.

Listen to learn:

🎙 How she fought against the odds
🎙 Her passion for aviation
🎙 About the unwavering support that emerged as a strong pillar of her success story
🎙 The power of role models and the ripple effect of encouragement and opportunity

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