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Empowering Change and Embracing Diversity with Rebecca Loy

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Episode notes

Have you ever wondered about the power of diversity and inclusion to create change? This episode has all the answers!

 Our phenomenal guest is none other than Rebecca Loy, the Diversity and Inclusion Partner at National Museums Liverpool. Rebecca's journey is brimming with resilience, from growing up in an encouraging environment to losing her sister to sickle cell disease, an experience that fuels her mission to make the disease curable. Join us, as she unveils her inspiring journey and how she uses adversity to empower and help people reach their potential.

We get a glimpse of Rebecca's role as a diversity and inclusion consultant and the shift she's noticed in people's attitudes over the years. She underscores the potency of language and the critical role of open hearts in embracing diversity. Hear about her future plans and how she aims to nurture a culture of acceptance. This episode is sure to leave you inspired, stirred, and armed with a fresh perspective on diversity and inclusion. Tune in and get ready to be transformed!

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