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Jamal Harrington, Co-Host
Marianne Reilly, Co-Host
Cousin Todd Sellers, Co-Host, Tech Guy

Guest, Tim Murphy (Comedian)

Topic Outlines

  1. Ralphie returns in first teaser HBO Max’s ‘A Christmas Story’ sequel
    1. The first teaser for upcoming sequel, “A Christmas Story Christmas,” was released, and it promises to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
    2. The new film follows a now-grown Ralphie Parker, the blond protagonist again played by actor Peter Billingsley.
    3. “A Christmas Story Christmas” premieres on HBO Max on November 17.

  1. Jamal’s Non-Spoiler “Halloween Ends” movie review.
    Tim and Jamal discuss their thoughts on the final installment of “Halloween Ends”.

  1. Top 5
    1. Classic TV shows we'd like to see rebooted.

  1. 9 habits linked to a longer, happier life
    1. Whether it’s pursuing a demanding career, eating better or maintaining friendships, accomplishing the feats we most desire requires a healthy foundation.
    2. https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/23/health/longevity-live-longer-tips-wellness/index.html
  2. 11 Of The Weirdest Sexual Experience Shared By Women. (Cosmopolitan)
    1. You thought your sexlife was weird? Wait til you hear some of this weird shit.
  3. Binge Watching
  4. That’s A Wrap