24: A Honest Truth on Why I Disappear and The Silence

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Hi Listeer!

It has been a long, hot, silent minute; I wish I didn't have a reason for ghosting you all, but I do—quite a lot of reasons.

I am grateful for the message I received on Twitter asking where I had been.

I want to make this as short as possible. I took a break to focus on my academics, thinking that if I did, I might be able to finish up on time. Unfortunately, I have bad news: I am still here. Oh, how can someone have been pursuing a postgraduate degree since 2019? See me see trouble! If it's not ASUU, it's COVID-19; if not COVID-19, it's the department; if not the department, it's the PG school. Throughout this journey, I keep blaming myself for deciding to study at a Nigerian university.

Secondly, I got a well-paying 9 to 5 job in 2022, remotely though, and left it in 2023 with no plan. Honestly, I wasn't growing, seeing as the company was doubting whether they needed to keep my position or not. I could see the signs that my position would be cut off, so I left while my dignity was still intact.

Thirdly, the inflation in Nigeria has finally gotten to me. I am sick, exhausted, poor, tired, and frustrated; I, who never thought of leaving the country, have started considering it. I am so scared because I don't even have anything going on at the moment.

Moving on, I've decided, for the billionth time, to focus more on Novellisteer this year, which led me to make some decisions:

  1. Moving the hosting to a hosting company that accepts payment in Naira.

  2. Renewing the domain name because I want to build this.

  3. I am currently searching for a manufacturer in Abuja that can supply me with the high-quality material I need for the physical product we are starting.

  4. I am going to delegate someone to be in charge of repurposing our content. Still searching.

  5. I am building Novellisteer with this audience in mind: multipotentialite women, first daughters, multi-passionate women, and ambitious women.

  6. I am going to focus on Novellisteer's primary channels, which are: Blog, Podcast, & YouTube.

  7. Novellisteer is going to launch a free WhatsApp community and paid membership; I'm still working on a strategy for the membership, but you can join the free WhatsApp group if you fall among the Novellisteer audience here  

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