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Episode 294: Afterlife Science with Robert Ginsberg

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Joining me is Robert Ginsberg, the visionary behind Forever Family Foundation, whose expertise spans over two decades delving into the mysteries of consciousness and the enigmatic realm of mediumship.

Robert's journey commenced in 2002 following the tragic loss of his daughter, propelling him from skepticism into a relentless pursuit of understanding. Immersed in research, he scoured historical archives, engaged with a multitude of scientists, physicians, and mediums, all in a quest to decipher the intricacies of consciousness, its transcendence beyond our physical confines, and the enigma of life beyond death. 

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Beyond The Five Senses is a blog written by Bob Ginsberg, Forever Family Foundation Founder.  It is dedicated to the exploration of consciousness and the fact that we are more than our physical bodies Donate a coffee and support Jon and the show.

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