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#4-08 - Climate Change and the Role of the Amazon Forest – Part 1 - ft. Prof. Dr. Susan Trumbore

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Episode notes

Today’s episode is the first part of the conversation from our new host Andrés Tangarife with Prof. Dr. Susan Trumbore, director of the Department of Biogeochemical Processes at the MPI for Biogeochemistry in Jena. Her research focuses on the application of accelerator mass spectrometry measurements of 14C to problems in ecology, soil biogeochemistry and terrestrial use of isotopes and tracers to study the exchange of energy, water and greenhouse gases between terrestrial ecosystems, especially tropical forests and the atmosphere.


In this conversation, Andrés Tangarife and Prof. Dr. Susan Trumbore will shed light on the relevance of the Amazon rainforest and some of the projects in which the MPI-BGC has been researching on during the last decade. They also talk about the main environmental challenges that humankind is currently facing such as deforestation, greenhouse gases increase and climate change.


If you would like to know more information about Prof. Dr. Susan Trumbore, check out here:



To find more information on the topics researched by the Department of Biogeochemical Processes of the MPI-BGC:



Literature recommendations (in pdf) by Prof. Trumbore:

How to build an habitable planet? By Wallace Smith Broecker ⁠⁠

Sophie's Planet: A Search for Truth About Our Remarkable Home Planet and Its Future by James Hansen

And if you want to know more about the intricate relation between climate, politics and human behavior, I recommend you this comprehensive analysis by our colleague Dr. David Martini:


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Prof. Trumbore’s Twitter: @SusanTrumbore


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