One Decision

Russian Oligarchs on the Run

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Episode notes

While foreign correspondent Laura Haim is on assignment in Paris reporting on the effects of the war in Europe, she's also been following the story of a small coastal village in the South of France that's drawn Russians for years - and not just wealthy Russians, but some of the world's most notorious Russian oligarchs. However, with the war in Ukraine, the town is in a state of flux. With sanctions in place, many Russians' have had their assets frozen - making it hard to maintain their estates. For these oligarchs, where they are headed now has been the subject of growing speculation and reporting.  Laura sits down with Louise Shelley, director of the transnational crime and corruption center at George Mason University, who is an expert witness on how Russian money is laundered through real estate, and Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of Britain's Mi6, to discuss where Russian oligarchs are fleeing to and why, what countries are letting them in, and the potential of corruption in Ukraine during rebuilding.