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China, Ukraine: Senator Marco Rubio on Where the US is Headed

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Episode notes

Republican Marco Rubio is one of the United States Senate's most outspoken China hawks—criticizing Beijing's human rights practices and warning about its dominance in the semiconductor industry. He's endorsed a candidate in the 2024 presidential elections, throwing his support behind former President Donald Trump, who started a trade war and recently threatened new tariffs on Chinese imports. Guest host and BBC Correspondent Katty Kay and One Decision's resident spymaster Sir Richard Dearlove sit down with Senator Rubio to discuss the U.S. relationship with China under the Biden administration and how it could change if Donald Trump returns to the White House, and concerns that the ex-president could strike a deal to end the Ukraine war on Moscow's terms that would embolden Russian President Vladimir Putin's imperial ambitions in Europe. They also discuss what U.S. support for the war in Ukraine will look like this year, the collapse of property giant Evergrande, and the implications for the Chinese economy. Katty and Richard discuss the drone attack that killed three American soldiers in Jordan and what the U.S. response may be.