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Let's Talk About Sex with Leah Spasova

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Episode notes

On this episode, I chat with sex and relationship psychologist Leah Spasova. We dive into issues around relationships, sexuality, "the talk" or lack thereof, and other fun topics. 

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Website: Events: www.lifesexperts.eventbrite.comFree and Exclusive On-Demand content: On social media everywhere: @LIFESEXPERTS   "As a psychologist and sex and relationships educator I work with adults and focus on the life skills around sex(uality) and relationships. So I do offer one-to-one sessions and aside from this I run social events and free educational webinars that feature me and guests who are also experts in their sexuality fields. Previous webinars are available for Patreon supporters for less than a Starbucks coffee at £3 / $3.73 per month."