OTs In Pelvic Health

"What Brings You In?" What a Pelvic Health Eval Looks Like

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More about our 4 amazing panelists:

Jessica Hammond
Jessica became interested in acute OT post childbirth after being an acute care OT for 15 years and seeing a need and perfect fit for OT after having her 3 children. Her manger asked at a staff meeting if anyone wanted to be trained to treat men’s pelvic health and bowel dysfunction and she volunteered! She also started an acute post-partum program and is now a full time Outpatient pelvic health OT.  It’s been an exciting ride and she continues to be amazed how much more there is to learn on this wild adventure. She thrives on changing lives!

How to find her on social: Facebook: Jessica Lynne   /    IG: @Jessica.Alger.Hammond

Jessica Dobson
She is Minnesota girl working and living in the south with two small children and husband. She is a certified reiki and yoga instructor, viscerally trained, functional medicine informed practitioner, pelvic health therapist specializing in digestive health, and a self described health and wellness cheerleader! She is very passionate about guiding and educating patients on their own bodies and nutrition influences digestive in pelvic health. She is currently working on writing a book to inform clients and therapists on the relationship of pelvic health and nutrition! Music and dance is her love language.

How to find her on social: IG: pelvicyogiOT

Meghan Kasper
Meghan is an Occupational Therapist specializing in pelvic health, a massage therapist, and a myofascial release practitioner. She holds certifications through Restore Your Core and The Body Ready Method, and is in the process of finishing her PCES and Birth Healing Certificate. She has a private practice in North Andover MA treating Women's Pelvic Health with a focus on the prenatal and postpartum population. Meghan is passionate about mentoring new therapists interested in pelvic health and is a teachers assistant and guest lecturer at the course Pelvic Rehab Manual Assessment and Treatment techniques. Meghan is the mom of 2 boys, 2 cats and a golden retriever

How to find her on IG + FB: @coreessencepelvicfloortherapy 

Janelle Gullan
Janelle is a coffee drinker, piano player, reader, lover of dogs and guinea pigs, pusher of boundaries, as well as a wife and mother to two kids who keep growing up so fast. She is also an occupational therapist who supports women and to connect to their body so they can navigate mothering transitions with confidence and vitality. With an integrated focus on pelvic health, mental health and menstrual cycles, she explores rite of passage and the ways feminine transitions impact performance, roles, relationships, participation and joy. Based on her own personal experiences, Janelle is passionate about supporting birth injury and exploring the stories that live in our body and pelvic spaces. Her private practice is based in Melbourne, Australia, Wollongong (NSW) and the online space.  

How to find her on social: Facebook + IG:  @thewildoran