OTs In Pelvic Health

Should a New Grad Go Directly Into Pelvic Health?

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Episode notes

I was joined by Emily Lieberman for this episode. We talked about:

1) What advice would you have for other students who have identified this interest and may be considering pursuing a pelvic health position directly after graduation? 

Emily talks about being a generalist vs specialist and that there was not not one right path to get there.  We are not in an escape room - we are growing a garden.

2) I love that you shared that you went straight into Pelvic Health --did this require you to step outside your comfort zone? If so, how?

3) Based on your experience, do you have any "lessons learned" that you would want to share with other OTs who are preparing to apply for positions in pelvic health for the first time, and perhaps any tips specifically for new grads?

A little more about Emily Lieberman:

Emily is a native Michigander, mom of two, and lover of chocolate chip cookies. Her favorite meal is brunch, her favorite word is “whimsical” and her favorite leisure occupations are thrift shopping and losing track of time in nature. Emily came to OT as a second career and has a previous master’s degree in Educational Leadership; her prior work focused on adult education, coaching and organizational development in community and higher education settings. She became interested in pelvic health through her own experiences as a client, and she is particularly motivated to extend trauma-informed care to those who have had difficult experiences in healthcare as well as folks who are trans and nonbinary. Emily graduated in August 2023 and accepted a full-time position in outpatient pelvic health as her first role as a practicing OT.