OTs In Pelvic Health

Why Graded Exposure Is Essential to Trauma Informed Pelvic Health with Lara Desrosiers

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Episode notes

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What we talk about in this episode:

  • Graded exposure vs graded activity - what is the difference?
  • Why Graded Exposure is a critical component in trauma informed care
  • How we can give clients new tools to Manage distress in new ways
  • Why it's important for graded exposure to be  led by the individual
  • The importance of survival reactions + our adaptations
  • Sensory aspects of our nervous system
  • Is it possible to avoid triggering our clients? 
  • What are key reflective processes in graded exposure?

Meet Lara Desrosiers, my guest and co creator of the first ever Trauma-Informed Pelvic Health Certification 
Lara is an Occupational Therapist in Ontario, Canada that has a private practice, Pelvic Resilience, dedicated to helping individuals struggling with pain and pelvic health challenges to get back to living life.  Lara has also leveraged her 10+ years of experience working in community mental health to mentor clinicians and teach courses designed to help practitioners from a variety of disciplines and settings to build more psychologically-informed and trauma-informed practices.