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413: Brad Williams - Optimizing Your Workout Frequency, Splits, And Volume: Over 40 Fitness Expert

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Optimizing Your Workout Frequency, Splits, and Volume: Over 40 Fitness Expert

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In this podcast transcript, Brad Williams of Over 40 Fitness Hacks discusses the topics of workout frequency, training splits, and workout volume. He emphasizes the importance of individuality in fitness and offers practical insights for people over 40 who want to maintain or build muscle while considering their lifestyle and goals.

Brad suggests that the frequency of workouts should depend on individual preferences and body signals. He encourages listeners to listen to their bodies and adjust their training schedules accordingly, avoiding overworking sore or tight muscles. The choice between muscle-building, cardiovascular training, or high-intensity interval training should align with personal goals and lifestyle.

The amount of time available for workouts should be considered when deciding on training splits. Brad mentions options such as full-body workouts, upper body/lower body splits, or specialized leg days. He highlights the need to adapt splits to one's schedule, emphasizing that variety is key to keeping workouts interesting.

Regarding workout volume, Brad recommends doing about 9 sets per muscle group for larger muscles and fewer sets for smaller ones. For those looking to maintain rather than bulk up, the number of sets can be reduced. He suggests dividing the sets over 2-3 days a week and recommends focusing on time under tension and effective reps to maximize results.

Brad also advises that movements like bodyweight exercises or HIT training can be considered separate from traditional weightlifting sets, especially when aiming for daily movement.

He cautions that exceeding the recommended maximum sets per muscle group may lead to diminishing returns in terms of muscle gains. However, for those who enjoy daily workouts as a form of movement, this can be a viable approach, though not for muscle building.

Brad concludes by highlighting the importance of individuality and personal experience in fitness, emphasizing that his insights are based on his expertise as a personal trainer and observations in the field of health and wellness.

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