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417: Melissa Leon - Efficiency, Health, and Happiness: Navigating Wellness Over 40

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Efficiency, Health, and Happiness: Navigating Wellness Over 40

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In the podcast transcript, Brad Williams of Over 40 Fitness Hacks interviews Melissa Leon from the Efficiency Bitch Podcast. Melissa, an Arizona native currently residing in Phoenix, describes herself as a wife, mother of three, and a finance professional with over 20 years of experience. She transitioned from corporate finance in luxury hotels to establishing her own business three years ago, providing fractional CFO and bookkeeping services to small businesses. Melissa is also an author, hosting the Efficiency Bitch podcast and serving on several boards.

The conversation delves into their shared experiences of aging, realizing the importance of time management, and the evolution of priorities, especially concerning health and wellness over the age of 40. Melissa emphasizes her daily commitment to working out, which she views as pivotal for her well-being and sanity amidst her busy schedule.

The Efficiency Bitch podcast and Melissa's book share a core message around efficiency, particularly focusing on acronyms that frame various aspects of life: Bank (money management), Inbox (time management), Connection (interpersonal relationships), and Harmony (health and wellness). For Melissa, Harmony encapsulates a holistic view of maintaining overall well-being, not just physical health but also mental and emotional balance.

Both Melissa and Brad discuss the shift in their workout routines, moving toward more time-efficient exercises after realizing the importance of movement and prioritizing health. They advocate for integrating small, manageable habits into daily life for lasting changes, highlighting the significance of habits and routines in achieving health goals.

Nutrition becomes a key topic in their conversation, acknowledging its role in fueling the body and mind. They discuss the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet, especially as metabolism changes with age. Melissa emphasizes the importance of intentional movement and shares her strategies to incorporate steps into her daily routine, even amidst a sedentary job.

They stress the significance of managing what one consumes beyond food—limiting exposure to negative media, embracing positivity, and curating social media content that fosters a healthy mindset. Both agree on the essentiality of aiming for personal happiness and self-care, encapsulating the idea of making choices that will benefit their future selves.

The podcast conversation intertwines personal anecdotes, shared experiences of aging, shifting priorities, and strategies for achieving holistic well-being, emphasizing the importance of efficiency, balance, and happiness in one's life.

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