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415: Linda Mitchell - The Balanced Approach to Fitness Competing For Women Over 40

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The Balanced Approach to Fitness Competing For Women Over 40

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Linda Mitchell - Sisterhood Of Sweat Podcast


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In this podcast episode, Brad Williams of Over 40 Fitness Hacks interviews Linda Mitchell from Sisterhood Of Sweat. Linda shares her fitness journey, which began during the era of Jane Fonda's workout craze. Motivated by her mother's struggles with depression, Linda discovered the transformative power of exercise as a natural antidepressant.

Expressing her passion for fitness, Linda recounts her early aspirations of owning a fitness studio in Beverly Hills. The conversation touches on the empowering effects of fitness, emphasizing its role in building confidence and a resilient mindset. Both hosts delve into the importance of mental health, particularly for individuals over 40, discussing how movement and sunshine play pivotal roles in overall well-being.

The podcast explores Linda's foray into fitness competitions, sparked by coaching a young woman who eventually placed 14th in the world. Linda's commitment to coaching led her to compete herself for 18 years, highlighting the challenges and nuances of the competition world. The discussion delves into common pitfalls individuals face when attempting competition prep on their own, with an emphasis on the significance of proper dieting and understanding individual needs.

As the conversation progresses, the hosts touch on the mental and physical aspects of posing in competitions, emphasizing its role in showcasing a competitor's physique effectively. Linda shares her insights into the subjectivity of judging in the fitness industry, considering factors like body type, symmetry, and personal preferences.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the extreme measures some competitors take in the final weeks leading up to a competition and the importance of maintaining a healthy approach to the sport. Both hosts express their commitment to a balanced and natural approach to fitness, prioritizing longevity over extreme aesthetics.

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