Sharing podcasts on social media can be difficult, which link should you use? What app has your listener got?

Here at podfollow we’re trying to make that all much easier.

Each podfollow link automatically redirects iOS users (people with iPhones and iPads) to Apple Podcasts, Android users to Google Podcasts and your website for people on desktop. It means that people can always play your podcast straight after clicking.

BUT unlike other services, you can claim your podcast, and then choose where all the different users are re-directed. Perhaps you want to send them to your website or a specific app like Spotify? Claim the podcast and you can do just that.

When you use your link on a social media post, we automatically create an attractive, personalised social card for your show or episode.

If you claim your podcast you can also get a free custom URL, so you could be podfollow.com/musicshow – we think these could sound great on your show, and you’ll know exactly where you’re sending your fans. You’ll also get access to stats about the number if click-thrus and the ability to share access to colleagues.

Podfollow is completely free and is the most used service of this type in podcasting.

The Team

David Madelin

David Madelin is the Chief Technical Officer of Folder Media, he looks after all technology across the Folder Media family of businesses from Fun Kids to Muxco. Often found launching new websites and tinkering with new technologies – otherwise he’s most likely making a brew, fixing a printer or running a marathon.

Matt Deegan

Matt Deegan is the Creative Director of Folder Media. He’s been involved in podcasting since its inception in 2004, creating content and platforms for radio groups and individuals. He runs the children’s radio station Fun Kids who create a whole host of podcasts including the Fun Kids Science Weekly and Fun Kids Book Club. He’s also the co-creator of the British Podcast Awards.