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Episode notes

Barbie. What is it about Barbie? Love her or loathe her this 11 ½ inch doll gets a big reaction.

Which is strange in a way because she’s over sixty years old. Few things have managed to stay relevant so long, surviving seismic cultural change.

This week it’s the story of how the doll that changed childhood for millions came to be.

Our guest is Tanya Stone author of The Good, the Bad and the Barbie

And we meet Tristan Piñeiro and some of his more than 600 barbies.

Find out what Barbie has to do with a 1950s cartoon hooker…And what Teen Talk Barbie said that so incensed the world…

The episode was produced by Freddy Chick & Seyi Adaobi.


The senior producer is Charlotte Long


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