People's COVID Inquiry

How well prepared was the NHS?

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The People's Covid Inquiry asks: how has policy over the last decade impacted on the resilience of our NHS, social care system and public health systems and its preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic whilst delivering continuity of core NHS services?


Jo Goodman (Co-founder Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice) 

Professor Sir Michael Marmot (Director, UCL Institute of Health Equity, UCL Dept of Epidemiology and Public Health)

Holly Turner (Children's Mental Health Nurse/CAMHS)

Professor Gabriel Scally (President Epidemiology and Public Health Section Royal Society of Medicine, Visiting Professor of Public Health, University of Bristol, member of Independent SAGE)

John Lister (Health Journalist and campaigner.


Michael Mansfield QC (chair), Professor Neena Modi, Dr Tolullah Oni, Dr Jacky Davis, Lorna Hackett Barrister (Counsel to the Inquiry) 

‘We’ve been making every possible preparation … this country is very well prepared’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 2 March 2020


‘Nobody can say we didn’t know this was coming’

Richard Horton Editor of the Lancet, New Scientist 15 June 2020

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