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Redefining Respect and Encouraging Curiosity with Dr. Julie Pham

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Episode notes

In this engaging episode, our guest Julie Pham, PhD takes us on a journey to redefine the concept of respect and how it impacts our professional and personal lives. Drawing on her deep understanding of organizational development, she introduces us to the Platinum Rule and the Rubber Band Rule, powerful concepts that challenge traditional ways of interaction. We delve into the importance of curiosity as a tool to navigate conflicts, foster inclusivity, and combat workplace loneliness. We also touch upon self-care, mutual respect, and maintaining healthy relationships. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that promises to redefine your understanding of respect, curiosity, and connection.

Memorable Quotes:

"We have to be able to articulate how we want to be respected to ourselves before we can share it with other people." - Dr. Julie Pham

Topic Breakdown:

  1. Redefining Respect and Encouraging Curiosity (0:00:02 - 0:08:32)
  2. Applying the Platinum Rule in the Workplace (0:08:32 - 0:22:44)
  3. The Impact of Loneliness on Work Experience (0:22:44 - 0:30:00)
  4. Fostering Self-care and Mutual Respect (0:30:00 - 0:40:00)
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